Monday, July 9, 2007

Delicious Resto in Jakarta

LAPO SIAGIAN (non halal)

All this time, whenever I want to eat Bataknese food, I always went to
"Lapo Ni Tondongta" (usually at Senayan), I never knew that behind that
"lapo" there's "Lapo Siagian". Got the information from a pork-lover friend

Last Friday, with a couple of friends, I went there for lunch. the place
was very crowded at lunch time, there's a live music playing Bataknese song
loudly. We have to take a seat outside the restaurant. after seated, the
servant gave us 3 portion of rice, "panggang B2 lomok-lomok" 8K, "sangsang
lomok lomok" 8K, and "sayur daun singkong" 2K. I have to admit that this
place serves more delicious food than the one I mentioned above. :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic24182.jpg) Lapo Siagian

Lapo Siagian / Boru Tobing
Cabang Jalan Darat Medan
Jl. Gelora Senayan
hp. 0816-1379923, 0815-9294303


2 weeks ago, SC & I stopped at RM Puas located near Jl. Panjang, the
restaurant specialty are martabak, roti jala & kare, they also served "nasi
kebuli" (lamb / chicken). After studied the menu (the food here mainly have
Arabic & Betawi influence), we ordered : "nasi kebuli kambing" (arabic
style rice cooked with a lot of spices, usually derved with dried lamb
meat) : about 17K, "roti jala with kare kambing" 10K, "roti canai"
(Indian's bread cooked on a flat iron skillet with a lot of oil) 3K,
sambosa (the taste and appearance looks a lot like samosa) 2K, all of that
+ drinks cost us about 32K if I'm not mistaken, very reasonable price
right? And what I love is the kare kambing & kebuli turn out so delicious

(Embedded image moved to file: pic10285.jpg) RM Puas

Restoran & Catering
Martabak, Roti Jala & Kare
Ibu Hj. Maryam Assegaf
ph. +62(21) 536 50530
fx. +62(21) 536050587

* Jl. Condet Raya No.78 (dekat Masjid As-Sholihin), Jakarta Timur. ph.
+62(21) 80878417
* Jl. Lapangan Bola No. 5 (Belakang RCTI) Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat. ph.
+62(21) 5321364
* Jl. Raya Jati Waringin No.7 (Depan Waringin Permai) Jakarta Timur. ph.
+62(21) 70782543


We have dinner at this place several weeks ago, from the restaurant name,
we can already guess what is their specialty : "ayam tulang lunak" (the
chicken was cooked in high pressure cooker until the bones were soft and
eatable). so here is what we ordered : "ayam presto telur asin" (13.5
K/pcs), "bebek presto goreng crispy" (12K/pcs), & "plecing kangkung" (8.5
K). overall the food was not bad, the chicken bones were soft & delicious.
But the duck bones was not eatable (although they said its a bebek presto).

(Embedded image moved to file: pic27088.jpg) Ayam Tulang Lunak Hayam Wuruk

Ayam Tulang Lunak
Hayam Wuruk
Jl. Green Ville Blok A2 No.2
Tanjung Duren
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 560-5370, 563-7362


Last week we got an invitation for birthday dinner held at "Ajengan
Restaurant". located near Melawai/Blok M. From the moment we entered this
place, I just love it. I like the inner garden in Balinese style, the
entrance, foyer & the ambience of this place, so homy & cozy. They served
an authentic Balinese Cuisine, and I bet the food will be as good as the
place. :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic31426.jpg) Ajengan

So here's what we had that night : for appetizer we started with : some
kind of Balinese nuts, a bowl of "rujak kuah pindang" (mango and kedondong
fruit salad with pungent dressing mixed with fish broth) 10K, "Rujak
Bancih" (Unripe papaya and bangkuang fruit salad with Bali fermented palm
wine vinegar) 10K and "Tahu Gianjar" (tofu/soybean curd prepared with
chili) 12.5K. For the main course : "Brengkes Udang" (shrimps prepared with
Bali condiment wrapped with banana leaves), "Tum Be Siap" (chopped chicken
meat prepared with Bali condiment wrapped with banana leaves) 15K, "Tuluh
Tim Bebek" (stewed duck egg in a Bali condiment) 12.5K, "Bebek Garing
Ajengan" (duck fried weldone served with white rice and chili, jukut kalaas
together) 35K, "Be Pasih Jimbaran" (roasted fish served with Jimbaran
various spicy side dishes) 50K, "Sate Lilit Ayam" (roasted on skewer small
pieces of chicken meat) 20K , "Jukut Cantok" (vegetable containing legumes
bean sprouts with bean condiment) 10K, "Jukut Ares / Nangka" (Edible banana
stem / young jackfruit sauce with chicken broth and Bali special condiment)
12.5K, "Garang Asem" (squash vegetable with chicken sauce and Bali special
condiment) 12.5K, "Jukut Lawar Nangka/Kacang Panjang" (chopped young
jackfruit / legumes vegetable with rasped coconut and special Bali
Condiment) 12.5K , "Be Siap Sisit" (ripped fried chicken mixed with shrimp
condiment) 25K. all of this served with steamed rice and several type of
sambal : sambal matah (crushed raw onion and chili). For Dessert we had :
"Es campur Bali ala Ajengan" (Balinese ice coctail ala Ajengan) 17.5,
"Fruit Honey Yoghurt ala Ubud" (Ubud various of fruits with honey and
yoghurt) 15K & "Sanganan/Jajanan Bali" (various Bali sanganan /jajanan)
15K. overall I was very very impressed with the food. all of it were very
delicious. in other words "enak, enak, enakkk" :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic28617.jpg) Ajengan

Ajengan Restaurant
the authentic Bali cuisine
Jl. Panglima Polim I no.65
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 722-0227


(Embedded image moved to file: pic23757.jpg) RM Galung

We went to "RM. Galung" for lunch last weekend. This restaurant served an
authentic food of Pematang Siantar : Nasi Galung (which is kind of "nasi
rames/nasi padang " from North Sumatra ). I guess the meal had Malay
influence but tasted hotter and spicier. Some of their speciality is "Ikan
Pari Goreng", "Ikan Mayong", "Gulai Kepala Ikan". "Sop Sapi" . I tried
their "miso ayam" (Medanese chicken noodle soup) too, and it was really
delicious especially if you eat it with a glass of cold "liang teh" or "jus
terong belanda" or "markisa". I used to have this kind of "nasi" back in my
home town but never know that it was called "Nasi Galung" untill now. :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic09832.jpg) RM Galung

Rumah makan Galung
Menyediakan Kepala ikan, Ayam goreng panas, Babat, Rendang, Sop sapi, Kari
kambing, Miso, Bubur sumsum, aneka es, dan lain2.
Jl. Taman Pluit Kencana No. 2
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone : 6605915.


I tried this restaurant called "Woku Woku" at Mall Artha Gading 2 weeks
ago. the restaurant served Manado food: all cooked in woku style, we
ordered "cumi woku belanga" 22.5K, "Tumis Kangkung Bunga Pepaya" 12K, and
"Perkedel Jagung" 6K. overall the taste was quite delicious, reasonable
price. but not as hot / spicy as I want.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic30932.jpg) Woku Woku

Woku Woku
Floor 2, Block A1, Number 23,25
Jl. Bulevar Artha Gading Selatan no.1
Jakarta 14250
Phone: 45864377


After we read from Ice's comment here that there's one "Bakmi Kumango"
opened in Jakarta, me and SC start on a search to greenville, the first
time we went on the afternoon and couldn't find it, later we found out that
the place was close at night. So we came again on weekend for lunch and
this time we found it. So we ordered 2 portion of "Bakmi Kumago". it was
OK, but I think it tasted not quite the same with the one I had in Medan .

(Embedded image moved to file: pic04169.jpg) Bakmi Kumango

Bakmi Kumango asli Medan
Jl Mangga Raya Blok Y no 18
(ada di sebrang IN Style Salon and spa)
West Jakarta


Last week we found this small & delicious 'kaki lima ' cafe near "RM. Nasi
Gandul" Pesanggrahan that served : "Ayam Bakar Taliwang" (Lombok/Sumbawa
authentic cuisine) . So we (I) had dinner there and ordered : "ayam bakar
taliwang" (grilled wild young chicken with Lombok's style chilli sauce)
with a portion of "pelecing kangkung" (Cooked fresh water spinach
(kangkung), mixed with a sauce made with chilli, fish paste/terasi, tomato
salt and lime). Both are very hot and spicy. So if you can't stand spicy
food better not risk yourself to try it :) Besides "pelecing kangkung" and
"ayam taliwang" they also served "beberok terong" (cooked eggplant with
fresh chopped onion and chili sauce).

(Embedded image moved to file: pic02154.jpg) Ayam Bakar Taliwang

Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya (seberang HERO)
Meruya, Kebon Jeruk
ph. 08176760586


(Embedded image moved to file: pic25721.jpg) Bopet Mini

We had breakfast here last weekend, it was a Padang Restaurant located at
the "Bendungan Hilir" traditional market. I think they served quite
authentic Padang cuisine such as : "bubur kampiun", "pecel padang ",
"ketupat sayur", "soto padang ". I recognized that the "rendang" served
here contained some "kacang merah" which I never found in all the Padang
restaurent I had ever been to. :)

Rumah Makan & Catering Service
Masakan Padang
Proyek Pasar Bendungan Hillir Lantai Dasar
ph. (021) 5700282 , 73885472


We stopped by "Rumah Makan Sari Sanjaya" Kelapa Gading for dinner 2 weeks
ago. This restaurant served quite authentic Palembang Food such as :
various kind of Pempek ( Kapal Selam, Pistel, Tahu, Adaan, Lenjer, Kulit,
Dos, Tunu, Lenggang Bakar), Pindang (ikan belida, patin, baung, gabus,
lais, sale, udang satang, cumi, tulang iga), Martabak ( Martabak kai,
kentang & Ubi, various Palembang autentic dishes ( Burgo, Laksan, Lakso,
Mie Celor Santan, Mie Celor Bening, Celimpungan ) & various palembang
traditional cakes (8jam, kojo, srikaya, maksuba, bugis, jongkong, ketan
duren, etc). We ordered : Burgo 10K, Mie Celor 10K and "Ketan Duren" for
dessert. The food tasted delicious although the "Ketan Duren" tasted too
sweet. we'll be back if we have a chance to try their other specialities :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic17189.jpg) Sari Sanjaya

Masakan Khas Palembang
(cabang Kelapa Gading)


(Embedded image moved to file: pic19976.jpg) Meutia Masakan Aceh

Last week I had lunch at Meutia Restaurant located at Bendungan Hillir.
Actually I prefer to eat at Seulawah than this place, but since Seulawah
have moved to Tanah Abang, We went here instead. This restaurant served
Acehnese cuisine, very crowded at lunch time. they served the all food in
small plate just like " Padang " style, and you pay only what you eat.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic31329.jpg) Meutia Masakan Aceh

One of Meutia's signature dish that they are so proud of is "Ayam Tsunami".
They said this was their original dish. actually this is "Ayam Tangkap"
(Aceh Traditional Dish : crispy fried spicy chicken with temuruy/curry
leaves, it's so crispy even the leaves are like crackers) 25K. I just don't
understand why they had to renamed Aceh original dish after a tragedy
*sigh*. and there's also one dish they called "sambal ganja" but it
actually is "asam udang" :(

Other than that actually the dish here were quite good, although not as
authentic as "Seulawah". If you were here you might want to try : "Kari
Bebek" and drink "Jus Timun Kerok" they also sell several Aceh tradiitional
cake such as "Kue Timphan", "Kue Jala" , "Kue Pulut Bakar" & "Kue Bingka".

Masakan Aceh
Jl. Raya Bendungan Hilir Kav 36A No.16
Jakarta Pusat
ph. +62(21) 573 6718


Last week, after visiting some friends at the hospital, we decided to have
dinner at Pesanggrahan. Since its already late, I only want something light
for dinner, so we didn't looking for some fancy looking restaurant and just
look for street food instead. We stopped by a small warung called "Rumah
Makan Nasi Gandul, masakan khas Pati Jateng". my first experience with
"Nasi Gandul" was at "spice garden" Sogo foodcourt which was quite
expensive & tasted so so. So we ordered 1 portion of "Nasi Gandul Campur" &
1 portion of "Nasi Ayam khas Semarang ". On the table there's a display of
various "jerohan", perkedel, bakwan jagung, tahu, tempe , tempe bacem etc
to choose to accompanied our meal. Overall our ordered tonight taste much
much more delicious than the one we had at Spice Garden & very reasonable
price too. We will be back there soon to try another menu like : "Nasi
Pindang", "Tahu Telor", "Soto Ayam Kemiri", Mangut etc.. (nyam nyam bgt deh
pokoknya) :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic02368.jpg) Nasi Gandul

Warung Makan
Nasi Gandul
Masakan Khas Pati Jateng
Jl. Pesanggrahan No.13 Meruya Illir
Kebon Jeruk - Jakarta Barat
ph. +62(21) 9122189


(Embedded image moved to file: pic28692.jpg) Nasi Tutug Oncom

Warung Nasi Bu Elly
Masakan Khas Sunda
special Tutug Oncom & Sambal Dadak
Jl. Satrio d/h Karet Depan 64-A Kuningan
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5253047


One of my favorite restaurants in Jakarta , served very hot and spicy
Manado cuisine. Last week, I had a chance to have lunch there, when we
arrived there, the place already packed with alot of people. We ordered
cumi woku, ayam dibulu, ayam rica-rica, ikan bakar with sambal dabu dabu,
tumis bunga pepaya, a bowl of sop kakap asam and ended it with a delicious
(coconut tart desert)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic21425.jpg) Beautika

Beautika Restoran
Manado Food
Jl Hang Lekir No 1Kebayoran baru
ph. +62(21)7226683


Last Monday, I had lunch with SC at Mall Ambasador Foodcourt, while SC
ordering "Nasi Campur Kenanga" I ordered "Bebek Goreng Madura" 19K at
Tiffin 's stall. The meal came with 1 pieces Begor, rice, lalapan, 3 types
of Sambal and a bowl of "sayur asem". hmm delicious :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic10555.jpg) Tiffin: Bebek Goreng Madura

Bebek Goreng Madura
Mall Ambasador Food Court lt. 4
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio
South Jakarta 12940
hp. (0856) 9274-2453


Last weekend, before going to "ya-udah" bistro, SC & I were heading to
Pluit to try "Bihun Kari Ayam" Tabona. I had tasted its original "bihun
kari ayam" in Medan a couple of months ago. When we heard that there's is a
restaurant called Tabona in Pluit, we decided to give it a try.

So we ordered "Bihun Kari Ayam" 21K with a glass of "sirop terong belanda"
11K, the taste was actually not bad, but SC reckons that the price was not
worth it and he prefer Bihun Kari Ayam we had at RM Kosasih - pasar Muara
Karang . Moreover, the curry is not as rich as the original version in
Medan .

(Embedded image moved to file: pic03434.jpg) Tabona

Rumah Makan Tabona
Nasi dan bihun kari ayam/sapi
cabang Medan asli
(jl. Mangkubumi no.17 Medan )
Jl. Pluit Sakti Raya no.65
Ph. 021 6691559 - 6621956
North Jakarta


This place was very recommended by SC, he took me there last weekend for
dinner :) its located on "Kaki Lima" not far from Sunter Mall, there's lots
of interesting food stall there. I notice that most of it were from
Pontianak food. Ayam Goreng Single Borobudur offer their delicious and
crispy fried chicken, plus other gorengan like : tempe goreng, tempe bacem,
tahu goreng, usus goreng (one of their speciality) served with a plate of
kremesan ayam, nasi uduk plus a very hot sambal terasi.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic16549.jpg) Ayam Goreng Single Borobudur

Ayam Goreng / Bakar
Single Borobudur (SB)
Cabang Pademangan
Jl. Sunter Agung Utara Blok F.20 No.12
ph. (021) 682873
hp. (0816) 1673573


I always love to have duck for my meal as an alternative for chicken. Among
my favorite there were " bihun bebek binjai" - pasar muara karang , peking
duck - the duck king, Bebek Goreng Suryo. A couple of week ago with some
friends I tried this one, located in kakilima, the banner outside said :
"Joko Putro : Nasi Uduk, Bebek Goreng, Ayam Goreng, Pecel Ayam/Lele ..." so
we ordered "Bebek Goreng" with a plate of "Nasi uduk". the service was
quite fast & clean. the taste not bad, the meal came with lalapan & sambal
terasi dadakan. Compared to other "bebek Goreng" from its class, but I
think I like "Begor Suryo" better than this one.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic07441.jpg) Bebek Goreng Joko Putro

Joko Putro
Jl. Petogogan Blok A
South Jakarta


(Embedded image moved to file: pic09512.jpg) Gado Gado Boplo

Gado-Gado Boplo Satrio
Jl. Dr. Satrio No. 289, Cassablanca,
South Jakarta
Telp : 021 - 573 4081


For those who missed Medanese food can always visit this place, it was the
copy of the same Laksa Yoserizal from Jl. Yoserizal - Medan . Served
various types of Medanese cuisine with its signature dish : Laksa Ikan big
17.5k - small 15K, Emie 12K, Gado-gado / Tahu Goreng 12K. This place also
offer various type of cakes : Bika Ambon, Lapis Legit, etc.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic30145.jpg) Laksa Yoserizal

Laksa Medan Yoserizal
Jl. Muara Karang Blok A4 Utara No.73
North jakarta
Ph. 6613649 -6618347
Hp. 0815 811 9888


(Embedded image moved to file: pic18060.jpg) Mamink Daeng Tata

Mamink Daeng Tata
Jl. Casablanca 33
Tebet - Jakarta
Ph. 831 55 55


I had Begor for lunch at Pondok Surgo Restaurant with some friends a few
weeks ago, this place was famous for its Surabaya's Bebek Goreng (deep
fried duck cooked in Surabaya's style) although they also served Chinese
food, We ordered : 1 Bebek Goreng (4 pieces) 55K, Nasi 1 Bakul 15K, Jus
Alpukat 12K, Jus Sirsak 11K, Es Calamansi 13K and Es Jeruk Nipis 11K. The
begor was delicious, served with 2 types of sambal & 1 special sauce for
Begor. Usually I prefer duck cooked in chinese style, but this one was an
exception. I guess the duck was marinated in special sauce before frying
it. and the result is the meat was tender & juicy inside but crispy out
side. Very recommended deh :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic21718.jpg) Bebek Goreng

Pondok Suryo
Bebek Goreng Surabaya
Jl. Suryo No.16 Senopati
Ph. +62(21) 739 3358


Last week we visited "Sate Khas Senayan" located at Jl. Pakubuwono VI. Sate
House Senayan served quite authentic Indonesian cuisine or maybe Javanese
cuisine, the restaurant was separated between smoking & non smoking area,
warm ambiance .. I think this kind of restaurant was suitable for
friends/family gathering.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic03753.jpg) Sate Khas Senayan

That night we ordered : Appetizer Sampler (Sosis Solo, Risoles, Tahu Kipas,
Rambak Petis) 34K/2Pax, Tahu Telur (fried bean-curd omelet) 14K, Gado Gado
(vegetables with peanut sauce) 12K, Sate Kambing (Lamb Satay) 22K, Kambing
Buntel (grilled minced lamb) 15K, Sate Manis Sapi (sweet beef satay) 24K,
Sate Ayam (chicken satay) 16K and Cumi Telor Bakar (barbeque stuffed squid)
35K. In my opinion all the food was delicious, I especially like "Tahu
Telor", its a "die die must try" dish every time I visit this place :)

Sate Khas Senayan
Jl. Pakubuwono VI no.6 Telp. 726 9032
Jl. Salemba Raya no.59 Telp. 392 6279
Jl. Kebon Sirih no. 31A Telp. 3192 6338
Jl. Tanah Abang II no. 76 Telp. 3847270
Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto no. 78 Telp. 392 8763


Last weekend, after stuck in traffic for almost 1 hour at JCC (because of
computer exhibition & graduation :( ) finally we had lunch at Lapo Ni
Tondongta next to Lapangan Tembak. We ordered : Saksang B2 (8K), Panggang
B2 (8K), Susu Kerbau (8K), sayur (2K) and finished it with a cup of durian
ice cream. SC love this ice cream so much that he still mentioned it the
next day, I guess we will back here very soon.. HORAS :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic16139.jpg) Lapo Ni Tondongta

Lapo Ni Tondongta Pusat
Jl. Gelora Los A 1
Central Jakarta
HP: 081208120312 / 081208404436


(Embedded image moved to file: pic12423.jpg) Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang

Nasi Uduk / Ayam Goreng
Jl. Pessanggrahan No. 169
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 709 78034 / 707 51712

A Night at PAYON

Dinner with some of my colleagues gals last Sunday night at Payon
Restaurant. I've never been to Payon before. I like the interior, decorated
like Indonesian traditional house, with wooden table & desk, open air, very
romantic atmosphere *banyak nyamuk juga*. They served Indonesian
traditional cuisine : actually I think its Javanese Cuisine, quite pricey
but I think its worth it. They got several store at the right side of the
restaurant, the one that most impressed me was the one decorated in warung
style selling some snack / food from my childhood that already hard to find

(Embedded image moved to file: pic16279.jpg) Payon, Authentic Indonesian
Restaurant & shops

That night we ordered : Ayam Goreng Serai (deep fried hicken marinated with
traditional spices & lemon grass) 43K, Empal Penyet 'Payon' (deep fried
crispy beef fillet marinated in traditional spices crushed in garlic chili)
27K, Pepes Udang (steamed shrimps mixed with traditional herbs and chili
wrapped in banana leaf) 10.5K, Loyang Sate : sate poya, sate daging bumbu
rujak & sate daging asam manis (combination of three different satays, sate
poya : beef satay marinated in spiced herbs with shaved coconut, beef satay
marinated in hot & spicy sauce, sweet and sour beef satay) 32.5K, Osengan
kecipir (Kecipir sauted with shallots garlic and chilly) 18K, Ayam Penyet
(fried chicken marinated in traditional spices crushed in garlic chilly)
27.5K, Sambel Dendeng (thin crust fried spiced beef fillet topped with
chilly oil) 48.75K, Tempe & Tahu Penyet (deep fried soya bean / bean curd
marinated in traditional spices crushed in garlic chilly) 12.5K, Sambal
Gandaria (Hot chilly with gandaria fruit) 7.5K, Es Lengkeng (longan fruit,
selasih & cincau mixed in ice with a dash of pandan syrup) 18.75K, Es Puter
(traditional Indonesian ice cream with kopyor 'young coconut' and kacang
hijau 'green beans' flavor) 6.5K.

Authentic Indonesian Restaurant & shops
Jl. Kemang Raya no.17,
Jakarta 12730
Phone: 021-7194826


On our way to Parapat, we stopped by Pematang Siantar for lunch. Pematang
Siantar situated 128 km southeast of Medan and 52 km from Parapat, is the
capital city of Simalungun . When I said I want to have Bataknese food, the
driver took us to Rumah Makan Rap Taruli. My parent used go to this place
whenever they go to Siantar, Rap Taruli served Bataknese food. We ordered
panggang, saksang & sayur singkong tumbuk. Very delicious and the price was
very reasonable compare to the portion :P

(Embedded image moved to file: pic25996.jpg) RM Rap Taruli

RM. Rap Taruli
Jl. D.I Panjaitan No.31
Pematang Siantar
North Sumatra
Phone 23241


I visited "Seafood SMS" last week, I've already looking forward to visit
this place for so long, cause I heard they served fresh & delicious seafood
in very reasonable price. It wasn't very crowded when we arrive since it
almost 9PM, we choose to sit at the 2nd floor where they provide "lesehan",
we ordered : Kerang Hijau (15K), Kerang Kepa (17K), Gurame Goreng Kering
(28K), Kepiting Telor Asap , Kepiting Saos Padang, Cumi Telor Asin, Baby
Lobster, Udang Goreng saos SMS and Kangkung cah bawang putih. All the food
was delicious except the "cumi telor asin" , But overall its Good food,
good service and most important good price hehehe... I'll be back :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic16687.jpg) SMS

Seafood SMS (Sedap, Murah, Segar)
di Jl. Pluit Putra Raya no.A-1
North Jakarta


Last Monday before the movie, we started to look for something to feed the
dragons in my stomach :) So we stopped by " Nasi Uduk Ummat Babe Salam" and
ordered Soto Betawi (15.5K), Paket Babe Salam 3 which include soto
daging/babat + perkedel (15,5K), Paket Babe Salam 4 (Nasi Uduk + Ayam
Bakar) 15K, and for desert we ordered something sweet "Pisang Tape Gencet"

In my opinion the food itself was not very special, I would prefer to have
this kind of food at Amigos (Agak MInggir Got Sedikit) :P it'll tasted
better I guess hehehehe... but the desert (pisang tape gencet) was
delicious... :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic12529.jpg)

Nasi Uduk Ummat
Babe Salam
Sarinah Building
Jl. Thamrin - Jakarta


I had dinner with SC & his friends last weekend at "Seafood WiroSableng
212". The restaurant was located at Kelapa Gading Boulevard , after passing
MKG (Mall Kelapa Gading), we start searching for 212 sign at the left side
of the road, it should not be far from the mall, but we couldn't found it.
So we decided to stop and asked the parking guard nearby. It turns out we
already passing the place. the place now got no sign of 212. it only had a
big "teh botol" billboard as the sign - thats why we didn't recognized it.

That night we ordered "Kepiting saos Jepang" (crab cooked in japanese
sauce), Ikan Bakar (forgot what kind of fish we ordered), Gurame Goreng,
"Kerang Hijau saos Padang " (green mussel cooked in padangnese sauce),
"Kerang Darah rebus" (3 portion), "Kangkung" & "Toge cah polos". Our order
came in 10 minutes (preety fast), The fish was delicious and fresh, the
padangnese sauce was superb. forgot how much all this food cost, but if I'm
not mistaken its about 250K (not very expensive of this kind of food). :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic22549.jpg) WiroSableng 212

Seafood WiroSableng 212
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading


Yesterday afternoon, my friend tell me that there's a popular pempek
palembang near our office, so we marched down there and walked through Jl.
Prof Dr Satrio and I found my self sitting at Pempek @Bing. I ordered
"Kapal Selam" ( palembang fish cake with egg inside, served with sour &
spicy soup : 9k) the place was very full, and the pempek itself was not
disappointed.. the soup tasted just right... not very sour & not very
spicy. and the pempek was delicious... with a very reasonable price too
hehehe... i definitely will be back.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic17437.jpg) Pempek @bing

Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio No 275,
ph : 9104914, 08161630186, 08557826579


Last Monday, We had Padangnese food for lunch located at Rumah Makan
Bahagia - Mampang Prapatan. We ordered dendeng balado, gule kepala ikan
kakap, ikan bawal goreng rica-rica, sayur lodeh, telur ikan kakap goreng,
terong balado and urap... mmm very delicious, SELAMAT MAKAN :)

(Embedded image moved to file: pic19866.jpg) Bahagia Restaurant

Rumah Makan BAHAGIA
Cao. Medan
Makanan Padang
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 57
Ph. 7941527


goodgov said...

sekarang Rumah Makan Aceh Seulawah telah kembali ke Jl Bendungan Hilir Raya no 8 ( depan RS AL Mintoharjo. Telp 5708660 / 081310206272
nikmati Gule Ikan Hiu dll

Namaku Rumah Makan Aceh Seulawah said...

coba liat blognya masakan aceh yang enak di

l-vin said...

gila baru kali ini gw makan enak sob,terutama iga sapinya ama pisang goreng karamelnya gila ga da yg ngalahin. di cardamon resto klo lo mo nyoba lo cek aja alamatnya di, ada free hotspotnya lagi